“A lean brand of progressive metal with more crunch than a bag of chips…a bonecrushing weight of sound.” So describes the music of Northeast Arkansas-based hard rock/metal band Immortal Soul–made up of members Jason Goad (guitar and lead vocals), Jon Goad (drums), and Jeff Cline (bass guitar and vocals).

Stylistically, Immortal Soul incorporates elements of hard rock, power metal, groove metal, thrash metal, and progressive metal. Their music is frequently compared to the likes of Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Rush, & Galactic Cowboys. Although the band cites many progressive bands as influences, they generally classify themselves as a metal band that incorporates some progressive elements, rather than a progressive metal band.

In 2007, Immortal Soul released Lines in the Sand, their first full-length album, to overwhelmingly-positive reviews. “Immortal Soul sounds like a cross between Galactic Cowboys, Megadeth, Dream Theater and Tool…their songs are filled with huge crunchy guitars, thrashing drums, and driving bass lines,” raved Virtuosity.

“On Lines In The Sand, Immortal Soul gives us a blend of straightforward hard rock and metal while delivering a ton of groove in the process,” commented AngelicWarlord.com. “What stands out most about Immortal Soul is its ability to compose a song with a solid hook…just check out the monstrous riffs – some thick as stink and others groove-laden or even thrash flavored.”

The band is currently working on their next album, tentatively titled Never See Home Again after one of the album’s tracks. Drummer Jon Goad gives some insight into what fans should expect:

“The new songs are a bit different than the material on Lines in the Sand. Most of them are probably not quite as heavy, but have more of a ‘classic’ metal sound with some progressive elements. There are also a few lengthier songs with extended instrumental passages and guitar solos. From rehearsing these songs and listening to the demos, we’re really excited to let people hear this new material.”

Never See Home Again is set to be released in 2013.

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